Quilting Magic | Calculate Fees for Professional Machine QuiltingMost machine quilters charge by the size of the quilt top combined with the sytle of quilting requested.  The various styles of quilting are charged at different rates.  Our example shows our usual pricing for an All-Over-Pattern.

First measure your quilt top to find the length and width in inches.  Since every machine and every quilter will sew a slightly different quarter inch seam, you must actually measure your quilt top instead of relying on the finished measurements given in your pattern.  The first step is to multiply your length in inches times your width in inches.  Then follow the formula below substituting your dimensions…

Square feet = 80″ x 90″ = 7200 sq. inches

7200 sq. inches ÷ 144 sq.inches = 50 sq. feet

Once you have your measurement – give us a call so we can give you a quote for our Professional Machine Quilting Service.

Ph:  07 3824 4351  or  Mobile:  0421 999 952

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