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There are many different styles of Long Arm Machine Quilting Patterns, here is a sample of just a few Long Arm Machine Quilting Patterns…

Edge to Edge – This is a repeating pattern of your own choice that starts at the top of the quilt and goes in rows to the bottom.  We place the rows as closely as possible to get the best effect.

Custom – When you need the quilting patterns to fit specific areas like the blocks and borders, this calls for customising the designs to enhance the quilt to it’s fullest potential including using stencils, paper patterns, stitch in the ditch and cross hatching.

In The Ditch – This puts the stitching as closely as possilbe into the seams of the quilt blocks.  It is the slowest type of stitching – especially when the blocks or pattern have diagonal seam lines.

Circles – Are placed over blocks going from small to large at regular intervals.  Very pleasing on many types of quilts.

Baptist Fans – Are made of concentric arcs placed from the bottom to the top of the quilt in an even fashion. This is an old fashioned design that goes especially well over all types of quilts.

Baptist Fans


Edge to Edge

Stitch In The Ditch